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Hello, World!

Hello! My name is Walmyr Carvalho, nice to meet you! 😊

I’m a developer, designer, Google Developer Expert for Android and currently founder of Kusudama, a mobile design and development studio based in São Paulo, Brazil.

You can find more about me here! :)

So, this is the first post of my new blog (yeah, I know, another one). I’ve always wanted to start to write more and never went too far with this plan, mostly because of a lack of focus and vision about what I wanted to write about, but that’s gladly over.

For now on I’ll do things differently: among with giving talks, making podcasts and so on, for this year I want to improve in one thing:

Write more and better, everyday.

I think writing is a very democratic format, has a bigger scope and can reach more people, so that’s why I’m starting this blog.

I have some ideas planned, but overall I want to write more about Android, Kotlin (not only for Android but also JVM in general, like backend and native), mobile design, user experience and technology communities.

Also, I want to produce content in pt-BR as well. As a brazilian, I want to have a bigger impact in my country producing localized content, I just need to figure out how to improve the multilingual support here, so give me some time because that’s happening soon!

Well, maybe someone could ask: “Why not Medium?”. I found myself really bothered about Medium recent strategies to monetize their product, so I want to have the whole control of my content out of it.

I’m using a very good combo: this blog is made with Hugo and hosted on Zeit using now. What a nice setup! ❤️

Aaaand that’s it, I guess? I promise I’ll try to keep this blog as much updated as I can, trying to bringing relevant content to the community in general.

See you soon! 🚀