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About me

Hello, my name is Walmyr Carvalho, I’m a Brazilian mobile developer and designer currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, nice to meet you! 👋

I’ve been working with mobile and, mostly, with Android for more than 12 years, and since 2016 I’m part of the Google Developer Experts program as an Android expert. 🤖

I’m currently working as a Lead Android Engineer at Polaroid, a global photography company that produces many connected devices, such as cameras, printers and music speakers. 📸🌈

Also, I love to be involved with tech communities in general, so I’m the founder and of the current admins of Android Dev BR, the biggest Brazilian/lusophone Android community in the world, with more than 9.400 members! 🇧🇷🇵🇹🤖✨

Lastly, I try to be as involved as possible with the Brazilian startup scene as a mentor of the Google For Startups Accelerator Brazil program. 🚀

Besides work and community, I am really into road/gravel cycling, bouldering, language learning, retro/handheld gaming, playing with my cats, home cooking, coffee making, travel and more! 🚴🏽🧗🏽‍♂️💬🎮🐈🍔🚞

You can find me mostly on Twitter and Mastodon, but I’m also on GitHub, LinkedIn and Speaker Deck. 🌐

I think that’s it, hope you like my content here. Thanks for the visit and see you later! 😊