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My current setup

PS: The date on this document reflects the last time I updated my setup or this document in general.

Every time I post a picture of my home setup, some people ask about the gadgets and software I’m using, so I thought it would be useful to have an updated page with everything listed, so here we are!

If you want to chat about this document or anything included here, send me a message on Twitter or Mastodon!


  • Workstation

    • Computer: Apple MacBook Pro, 16-inch, 2021 - Currently a company computer, after a while I realised that I don’t need a personal computer, if I’m not able to do personal projects on a company computer I might get a personal one, but for now, I don’t need it!
    • Monitor: Dell U2520D - Probably one of the best purchases I’ve made for my workstation, this monitor is super crisp (not 4K though, but I don’t mind that) and it has one feature that I was really looking forward to, which is being able to charge your laptop and transmit video through the same cable, which makes the desk setup super clean and easy to get in/get out, I recommend this one!
    • Mouse: Logitech MX Vertical - I thought I wouldn’t get used to a vertical mouse, but this one is super good and it feels more comfortable and relaxed when compared with a “regular” mouse, I like it!
    • Keyboard: Logitech MX Keys Mini - Probably one of my best acquisitions, such a nice keyboard, the battery lasts forever and it’s also super portable in case you want to carry it with you. I recommend this one!
    • Webcam: Logitech C920 - This is a really simple webcam, nothing too special about it, it just works and it’s good enough for my needs, I guess.
    • Headphone (over-ear): Sony WH-1000XM4 - I got this one to leave in my home and use when I need some deep focus work, but also I took it with me for some travels and such, given that the noise cancelling is quite good for flying, I’ve been using it for some years already and didn’t have any big problems so far.
    • Earbuds (in ear): Sony WH-1000XM3 - I got this one to take with me in my backpack to work at the office when I go there, it’s really good, has noise cancelling and a good autonomy (not only when charged but also on the charging case), there’s a new model of it available but this one is good and affordable.
    • Microphone: Blue Yeti Nano - This microphone was a good surprise I had a few years ago, I’ve used Blue microphones in the past (like the regular Yeti), but this Nano one is also really good. I use it for meetings, podcasts and random calls and the results are always above the average, I recommend this one!
  • Misc

    • Earbuds (in-ear): Nothing ear (1) - I got this one to try but I end up enjoying it a lot for working out and cycling. Nice price (around $99), with good noise cancelling and wireless charging, not bad at all!
    • Cycling navigation: Beeline Velo 2 - Probably one of the best devices I have for commuting with a bike, it’s a navigator that helps you with turn-by-turn directions, so you don’t need to check your phone all the time. I’ve ridden more than 1.000km with it already and it’s been working quite nicely, I recommend this one.


I use my computer mostly for work, study and community management work, and besides emulators, I don’t play games that much on it, but I wanted to mention some software I most use, which are listed below:

  • IDE: Android Studio
  • Text Editor: VS Code
  • Terminal: iTerm
  • Tasks: Todoist
  • Notes: Simplenote
  • Email: Spark
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Password Manager: 1Password
  • Misc:
    • Amphetamine - A screen sleep manager, really useful when you need to keep your Mac awake!
    • Magnet - A simple window manager, nothing fancy.
    • Hand Mirror - A super handy webcam app to check yourself before a video call, I’ve caught myself using this more than I expected!
    • OpenEmu - A very cool app full of retro console emulators, I just love it.

Wishlist / Things I want to try

There are some things I’m looking into and want to try in the future:

  • Gadgets / Things

    • Insta360 Link - I’m impressed with how many of these new gimbal webcams are been released recently, this one from Insta360 looks amazing and I want to try one someday.
    • Steam Deck - I guess this one is self-explanatory, Steam Deck is such a nice device and I’m really into handhelds lately, so I want to check this one out!
    • MX Mechanical Mini - I have no problems with my current keyboard (MX Keys Mini), but this one seems like a nice evolution of it, as it has the same profile/size but it’s mechanical, so I want to give it a try in the future!
    • Pinqponq Cubik Medium (Rooted Black) - I’ve been wanting this backpack for a looong time, and eventually, I’ll grab it. It’s black, simple and tight, which are aspects that I’m looking for. My current one is OK-ish, so I’ll keep this one in my radar as my next one, if I ever need it.
  • Softwares

    • Obsidian - I still think my notes are a bit of a mess right now (using Simplenote), so I want to try Obsidian soon, as I’ve heard some good things about it, especially about the notes graph feature!
  • APIs / SDKs

    • Playdate SDK - I’ve been poking around game dev here and there and Playdate is the perfect device for that. I’m able to run some simple experiments and test them directly on the hardware, which is cute and has some different challenges and inputs, such as a crank as a game controller, which seems to be quite fun!

    Also, the developer experience and the tools provided to make games for this device are impressively well-made, kudos to Panic for that!