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My current hardware configuration.

Looks nice, isn’t it?!

I’ve always enjoyed reading about other people’s personal settings, whether on the computer, smartphone or even in the office! I believe that everyone has a little bit of this habit and I think that reading reviews and positive impressions of people about things they use helps us to make better decisions, in addition to knowing and experimenting new equipments, softwares and services in general. ❤️

Because of this, I would like to detail a little bit of what I’ve been using since I started to get involved with technology, whether for work, study or content production in general! Maybe it will help more people, who knows! 😊

This first article will be more focused on hardware, because I think the post about software can be too long and I think it’s going to be good to separate them into two specific articles. 🤙


Giving a little bit of context about my routine: today I work mainly with mobile development for iOS and Android, but I also do interface design for mobile, assets design for the communities I organize and design and development studies in general. 👨🏽‍💻

Overall, my current configuration meets my needs in the context of work and studies mentioned above relatively well, also taking into account my financial and physical space limitations to evolve my configuration! 🙃

I will keep an update log of my configuration at the end of this article, so I can keep it always relevant and inform you of things I’ve started or stopped using! ✨



Today I am very satisfied with my equipment configuration in general! Of course, there is always a new gadget that we want to buy, but I try my best to use my devices to the fullest, also as a way to reduce my consumerism in general. 😅

Well, what have I been using? Take a look!

Computer 💻

Today my personal computer is a MacBook Pro 13 “2015, Model A1502.

Some details about it:

  • 8GB of RAM;
  • 256GB of storage (SSD);
  • Intel Core i5 2.7 GHz processor;
  • Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1.5GB graphics card;
  • Retina Display screen (2560 x 1600);
  • macOS 10.15.4 (Catalina).

You can find more information about it here!

Overall, I like this computer a lot and I have it since 2016, I think the only things I would change about it are the OS (Catalina is quite problematic in many ways, maybe I’ll rollback to an old version) and the RAM memory, with 8GB you can’t do nothing without overloading it, I wish I had at least 16GB. 😭

I intend to replace it some day, for a new model that has at least more RAM, but with the high dollar it’s kind of impossible now, so I’ll wait a bit!

Keyboard ⌨️

I never had a dedicated keyboard for work and study in my personal configuration, about 10 years ago I used to use the notebook + monitor combo and in some companies I’ve used the Magic Keyboard as well, but I was never able to get used to it. 😕

Until the day I’ve met the universe of mechanical keyboards! ❤️

Today my keyboard is a Keychron K2, which, in my opinion and despite the hype, is one of best wireless mechanical keyboards available on the market today. ✨

Some details about it:

  • 84 keys (75% layout);
  • Key to switch between Mac and Windows modes;
  • USB-C and Bluetooth connections, with pairing support for up to 3 different devices;
  • 3 options of Gateron switches (Red, Blue and Brown);
  • RGB or white lighting options.

You can find more information about it here!

Overall, I really like this keyboard. It’s very compact, has the same layout as the Mac keyboard (including function keys), as well as a battery that lasts a long time and a very consistent Bluetooth connection, which is easy to switch between already paired devices. 👍

The only negative point of this keyboard is its height, which may force the wrists of other people in a bad way. That’s why I decided to buy a wooden wrist rest, to avoid any possible problems in the future! 🙌

I bought the wrist rest here, but Keychron also has a nice option available worldwide, that you can buy here. Take care of your wrists! 🤘

If you want to buy a Keychron keyboard, use this link and you’ll have a 10% discount! 🙏

Mouse 🖱

I’ve always been a huge fan of the MacBook touchpad and I still prefer it for specific things, such as editing podcasts in Garage Band, for example. But I ended up buying a dedicated mouse for games and other specific tasks, or for use cases where I feel most productive using a mouse (like building layouts in Figma, for example).

Today my mouse is a Logitech MX Master 2S. It’s a mouse that I like a lot and, although there is already a new model of it, it suits me well, I don’t intend to change it anytime soon. 🥰

Some details about it:

  • Charging via micro USB (model 3 is via USB-C);
  • 6 remapable buttons via Logitech’s proprietary software;
  • Two scroll options (fast or clickable) with change in real time directly on the mouse;
  • Supports two computers at the same time with the Flow feature.

You can find more information about it here!

Overall I really like this mouse and maybe I didn’t need one, but it brings me a nice comfort for specific tasks and ended up worthing having one. 👍

Webcam 🎥

Today my webcam is a Logitech C920s. It’s a webcam that I really like, but that has been giving me some headaches lately and it’s been hard to recommend it to other people. 😢

Some details about it:

  • Recording in 1080p at 30fps;
  • Automatic adjustment of focus and brightness;
  • Physical cover to increase privacy;
  • Own software for total capture control.

You can find more information about it here!

In general I loved using this camera for the first few months after I bought it. However, I’ve been having a series of problems with it using Google Meet on Firefox, such as video delays, lack of sync compared to audio, random lack of focus and problems with camera recognition in certain softwares and sites.

I still don’t know if it’s my USB hub or if it’s actually the camera, but it’s been a little frustrating experience. 😖

Headphones 🎧

Today my main headset is KZ ZSN Pro.

I had a Bose QuietComfort 35 but I ended up selling it for a number of reasons (it was a very problematic phone), so I kept this one.

KZ is a chinese company that produces headphones similar to audio monitors, widely used in the music business, with a reduced cost and excellent audio quality.

Some details about it:

  • Professional quality sound drivers;
  • Removable and twisted cables;
  • Details made of metal;
  • Bluetooth cable and / or microphone available for upgrade.

You can find more information about it here.

I’m not any sound expert but I really like these headphones, it was one of my best purchases last year. I highly recommend it, both because of the price and but also because of its versatility and audio quality, which is very, very good.

Monitor 🖥

Today my monitor is a Dell P2312H. It’s a very old monitor, I bought it used from a friend many years ago, but it’s a great monitor and it serves me well since then! 😊

Some details about it:

  • 1920 x 1080 resolution;
  • Support for changing orientation between vertical and horizontal;
  • Height adjustment;
  • VGA and DVI outputs;
  • 2 USBs on the side.

You can find more information about it here!

In general, this monitor is OK, it’s full HD and there is not much to complain about. I know there’re many better monitors available on the market today but I will only buy another one when this one fails!

Other things

I usually have other devices and objects on my workstation that are simple but I think it’s worth talking about.

Fossil Sport ⌚️: I was never much of a smartwatch person, but this one was on sale during a trip I did and I ended up buying it. Overall, it’s a good smartwatch, Fossil has a nice background of making watches and I really liked the quality of this one.

However, despite working with Android development, I think Apple has been doing a better job with watchOS than Wear OS and this is noticeable on this watch. It’s a super simple device and yet still presents performance problems in the interface or hardware integration with the software at certain times.

Despite this, my usage of it is basic (exercises and Google Fit) and it suits me well for that purpose! ❤️

Kindle Paperwhite 📖: I always loved to read but never really liked the space that books occupy, mainly because I have been living on renting for many years and have frequently moved between homes in the last 10 years.

And that’s where the Kindle helps a lot, it’s a great device to take on trips and to leave beside the bed, I have tried to use it whenever possible for non-technical texts, although I prefer other text formats for technical texts, such as articles and documentations.

Nest Mini 💬: This is one of the cheapest devices with Google Assistant support available on the market, I recently added it to my environment as it’s a great speaker, in addition to being able to cast my phone on it and use it as a testing device for the development of Google Actions, for the Google Assistant platform.

Swell Bottle 🍶: I was gifted this bottle and got very impressed with it, it manages to keep the liquid temperature inside for many, many hours. There’s not that much to say about it, it was worth it for that reason alone, in my opinion, I highly recommend it!

Notebooks 📓: Yes, I use a lot of notebooks! I like them to write things down during 1:1s and meetings in general, typing on the keyboard in the middle of meetings sounds a little bit rude in my opinion, so I usually write down macro points in the same notebook and, if it makes sense, pass whatever I need for digital tools.


I think that’s it! I hope that this post has presented something cool to someone, I intend to make a similar post about the softwares and services that I use, I think it will be something interesting too!

Did you like this article? Have any questions or comments about?

Ping me on Twitter, let’s talk about it! 😉